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Al Aqaree – Digital Horizon

What is Al Aqaree?

Both effective and comprehensive real estate management and accounting software designed in a unique way that integrates both the accounting procedures and property management tasks.

  • Dynamic
    Dynamic features that can be automatically or manually triggered
  • Comprehensive
    Wide array of multi-features integrated systems to simplify work
  • Secure
    The latest and most advanced technologies to protect your data
  • Effective
    Accurate,simply, and easy real estate accounting and management software

How does Al Aqaree differ from any traditional accounting software?

Lawsuits management

Al Aqaree gives the ability to administrate and monitor the course and results of lawsuits in details.

  •  Integrated search system
  • Archiving system for lawsuits files
  • Lawyer’s fees easy management

Accounting System

Al Aqaree provides the means that lets you do all the accounting work with maximum efficiency

  • Adjust and regulate all the accounting work accurately.
  • Support for all kind of currencies.
  • Integrated system to manage to label.

Administration System

Specifically designed to facilitate the administrative work to increase efficiency and minimize costs

  •  Integrated search system
  •  Dynamic alerts and reminders
  • Easy integration with the maintenance system

Real Estate system

The perfect solution to administrate real estates and all the work that follows

  • Detailed financial statements
  • Adjust and regulate financial accounts accurately
  • Support all kinds of currencies

Owners Association

Al Aqaree plans and organizes the owners assocation work to achieve the highest level of coordination

  •  Organization to assure the good use of real estate
  • Organize the responsibilities of each member
  • Monitor the incomes and expenses

Billing system

A complete system that deals with bills issuing with its various types

  • Infinite amount of warehouses
  • Various bills templates
  • Files and images archiving system1

Maintenance system

An advanced system that helps the user issue, schedule, and monitor maintenance orders

  • Schedule maintenance orders
  • Administrate and monitor frequent orders
  • Real Time tracking for all maintenance orders

Fixed assets

Manage fixed assets in their effective lifetime and calculate its depreciation

  • Dynamic fixed assets tracking
  • Dynamic assets depreciation
  • Calculate investments accurately