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Distribution System – Digital Horizon

What is distribution System?

The distribution system provides an integrated system for representatives’ work in distribution companies and other companies, and there is Android application associated with the distribution system for invoices and entries, through you can do billing operations through this app, and the distribution system can organize the routes of each representative and special tours will be assigned to him through defined routes, reports of tours by individual representative, detailed reports to view a quick statistics of all operations within a given period of time. The system can also regulate the work of the company by defining representatives and supervisors and who are in the company and the definition of all mobile devices, and also it features easily classifying customers according to customers selling channels specific to each customer, depending on the nature of the company work.

Additional Features

  • Synchronization between the Android device and Almanara program is performed to transfer the settings and data entered, so that the representative of the distribution unit can perform its missions according to those settings.
  • The distribution system is characterized by the possibility of entering the start date and the end date of the visit, It is not allowed to add any invoice before signing in and prevents registration after exit.
  • The possibility of entering the items through the barcode or name, to enter the quantity and the price appears automatically in addition to a discount on the item with certain permissions of the representative.
  • The possibility of entering an unlimited number of invoices during the visit to the customer with the possibility of printing those invoices directly through the Android device.
  • Preparing ready designs for printing invoices through Android including the name of the item, quantity, discount and the total price.
  • If the device has a GPS receiver, the coordinates of the visited place are stored.
  • The possibility of entering more than one payment to the customer during the visit with the possibility of viewing the customer’s account statement according to representatives’ permissions.
  • Invoices and payments can be automatically sent to the customer during saving by GPRS if the device supports this feature.
  • The connection between the distribution system and the Android device can be organized through a local network or an external connection via the Internet.

Main features of Distribution system


  • Management Software Application.
  • Representative Mobile Application.


  • There are many customer reports, such as the ability to view customer inventory and sales channels as well as the goals of each customer.
  • Many reports of the representative, such as the representative tracking report and the daily activities of the representative, as well as the expenses of that representative.

Wide options

  • The ability to add customers, payments and invoices and adding new accounts in addition to the permissions related to the price of sales and discounts.
  • Specify the number of visits per customer, the average visit time, the minimum price and the method of payment.


  • Organizing sales channels to connect customers’ accounts with specific sales channels according to the nature of each customer’s work.
  • Organizing routes for each representative and determining the tours for each route.

A quick explanation of the distribution system