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Exchange&Transfer – Digital Horizon

What is Exchange &Transfers System?

The Exchange &Transfers system has introduced complete solutions for exchange and transfers companies, where through this system, we can manage the company in an easy, flexible and more organized way, as well as, easy to deal with all currencies, buy or sell, with the possibility of follow up the entries that are resulting from the exchange and transfers operations, also it’s a flexible and fast in sending and receiving the transfers instantly all over the world.

Additional Features

  • Dealing with an unlimited number of currencies with the need to link each account with its own currency.
  • Managing the operations of large and medium companies through the possibility of working on many types and determining accounts of each type.
  • A special screen to search for incoming and outgoing transfers with the ability to filter on multiple data.
  • Several reports with a variety of options for the possibility of viewing the movement of specific currencies or showing transfers for the purpose of evaluation and review continuously.
  • Controlling the user’s permissions widely, which leads to more accurate work.
  • Work on many branches with precise user’s permissions.
  • There is a web feature on the system allows agents and branches to transfer online and track their balances across the web.
  • Easy to receive the transfer from any branch or agent and in any currency other than the transfer currency.
  • Easy to search inside the program’s interfaces on outgoing and incoming transfers or deposits from all branches and agents, which facilitates the process of access to transfers and deposits and contributes to organize work and stay away from random.

Main features of Exchange&Transfer system

Integrated linking

  • Make use of all account reports, currencies and other features within the program.
  • Generate integrated accounting entries automatically (pay_receive_sell_buy).

Online Easy Transfers

  • Linking the Transfers system with transfer’s company website.
  • Enter the connection settings of the site through a special screen within the screens of the transfer system.

Customize currencies

  • Generate accounts for funds easily.
  • Easy to transfer and exchange money in one currency or more than one currency.

Different methods

  • The possibility of determining more than one method to calculate the fee on the transfer.
  • Setting a minimum fee that cannot be exceeded.

A quick explanation of the Exchange & Transfers system