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Fixed Assets – Digital Horizon

What is Fixed Assets?

Fixed Assets management is an accounting process that seeks to track assets for financial accounting. In addition of being the primary reference for organizing of entering and depreciation of assets and properties of the facility, fixed assets include lands, buildings, cars, furniture, office equipment and machines. It is also an integrated data management system for those assets within the facility starting from the need of the facilities to enter new assets and then calculating the value of the assets and the depreciation of them over years until the end of the asset through disposal or exclusion from the records of the facility, also the system is easy and comprehensive of assets definition, their groups and their affiliates.

Additional Features

  • Linking fixed assets to the accounts of the facility, where the depreciation of the assets and their associated costs are calculated and transferred to the facility accounts because of their impact on profit and loss.
  • There are fixed asset tree and the inclusion of all fixed assets under a set of accounts in the accounts chart.
  • There are a comprehensive chart of the fixed assets and groups of such assets, allowing easy access to any asset’s card.
  • Record and save the life cycle of the asset and move it between departments or change the covenants between employees and show those data in reports to back to them later.
  • The possibility of excluding and disposing of assets at the end of the asset’s life or for some other reason.
  • Depreciation is not calculated for assets disposed taking into account the possibility of capital losses or profits.
  • Detailed reports on the total assets operations, which saves a lot of time and effort and shows accurate information about the status of fixed assets within the facility.
  • Re-evaluation of fixed assets if the productive age has changed, and therefore the depreciation premium can be re-estimated.
  • Tracking and controlling the existence of the asset within the facility since its entrance, its department, its inventory, depreciation and even its exclusion.

The most important features of fixed assets system

Easy to use

  • Speed, accuracy and flexibility at POS interface and serve many customers at the same time.
  • The possibility of changing the price directly in the POS in addition to changing the units and make discounts.

POS Reports

  • Reports and statements of total and detailed accounts on the sales of each station during a specified period.
  • Reports on open and closed orders and details of payment methods per order within the station.

POS devices

  • Connectivity with touch screens, scanners, readers, barcode printers of all kinds, display screens, electronic balance and magnetic cards.
  • Multi-printer support where you can print on more than one printer at the same time, with the ability to specify items for each printer to save time between facility departments.

stores system

  • Full correlation with the accounting and stores system, which contributes to control of financial and stores matters.
  • Detailed and total inventory reports, and accounting reports to determine the accounts receivable

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