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Fleet Mangment System – Digital Horizon

What is Fleet Management System?

The system works to follow up and manage the vehicles in the organization starting from the definition and entering their data, and the maintenance operations that may be done on them, with the possibility of entering income and expenses for each vehicle, in addition to the possibility of dealing with maintenance centers and generate accounting entries at maintenance cost, also the system is characterized by flexibility in dealing with different types of vehicles and equipment of various sizes, in addition to an integrated link with the accounting system and stores.

Additional Features

  • Control the storage movement in an organized and precise manner by connecting the spare parts and fuel with the item cards.
  • Organize transfers of vehicles between projects with archiving of the dates of those movements and record the receipt data of the vehicles on the movement.
  • Follow up the various operations that are done on vehicles such as movement and operation of vehicles  and the possibility of viewing special reports later.
  • The possibility of monitoring the fuel consumption of vehicles by determining the fuel consumption rate of each vehicles and tracking the process of fuel consumption daily.
  • The possibility of adding many cases and linking vehicles to their own cases, to obtain a clear presentation of the vehicles required and the status of each vehicle.
  • Dealing with leasing contracts by specifying the start and end dates of the contract, with the possibility of determining the account for each contract.
  • Archive the demarcation operations carried out on the vehicles and adjust the numbers of the technical inspection operations issued by the official authorities ..
  • Enter the basic drivers data with the possibility to enter the number and type of the driving license and the expiration date and other data.

Main features of Fleet Management system

Archive of Vehicles Data

  • Comprehensive and integrated definition of vehicles groups and vehicles hierarchically according to the nature of vehicles.
  • Archiving the characteristics and specifications of the vehicles from class number, structure number, plate number, model and others.

Accounting and Stores

  • Organizing the out invoices for spare parts and fuel from stores according to specific types.
  • Generate entries of incomes and expenses with controlling the generation and posting of them.

Fleet Maintenance

  • Record and follow maintenance data completely with the possibility of controlling the payment method.
  • The possibility of dealing with an unlimited number of maintenance centers and linking the maintenance process with its own center.

rganizing of Projects Work

  • The possibility of dealing with an unlimited number of projects and linking the project to a specific cost center.
  • Link each vehicle with its own project with the possibility of modification during the operations on that vehicle.

A quick explanation of the Fleet Management system