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Loyalty System – Digital Horizon

What is Loyalty system ?

Loyalty system is one of the most important new marketing systems currently deployed in the markets in order to satisfy customers and ensure their loyalty and continuity to enable the institution to continue to grow and compete in the markets and hence comes loyalty system within the program as a response to the needs of companies in finding a tool to compete and Maintaining customers in order to achieve their satisfaction and work towards their loyalty, which is an important factor to face competition as a result of modern trends based on customer satisfaction rather than on the product..

Additional Features

  • The loyalty system is characterized by full management of points calculation and the possibility of controlling options.
  • Counts the best customers and the most selling ones to increase loyalty with new and existing customers.
  • The loyalty system is based on the points principle for customers where the customer receives his own membership card.
  • You can define an infinite number of methods to calculate points and customize one method per member.
  • The customer can pay from his points balance later if they cover the cost of the product.
  • The loyalty system is one of the marketing and promotion factors for the facility where it ensures their loyalty and continuity.
  • Ability to transfer points from the previous year and work on them in the new financial year.
  • The loyalty system aims to win customer’s loyalty and confidence and increase sales.
  • It creates a continuous relationship between the customers and the facility where the interaction increases on the facility products.
  • Follow-up customers in a more structured way.
  • Maintain customer’s satisfaction that will return to purchase again.
  • The loyalty system holds interest on both parties the facility and the customer..

The most important features of Loyalty system in Al Manara program

Easy to use

  • Speed, accuracy and flexibility at POS interface and serve many customers at the same time.
  • The possibility of changing the price directly in the POS in addition to changing the units and make discounts.

POS Reports

  • Reports and statements of total and detailed accounts on the sales of each station during a specified period.
  • Reports on open and closed orders and details of payment methods per order within the station.

POS devices

  • Connectivity with touch screens, scanners, readers, barcode printers of all kinds, display screens, electronic balance and magnetic cards.
  • Multi-printer support where you can print on more than one printer at the same time, with the ability to specify items for each printer to save time between facility departments.

stores system

  • Full correlation with the accounting and stores system, which contributes to control of financial and stores matters.
  • Detailed and total inventory reports, and accounting reports to determine the accounts receivable

A quick explanation of the Loyalty System