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Manufacturing – Digital Horizon

What is manufacturing System?

The manufacturing system is designed to meet the needs of factories whose production depends on several stages of production of a single product. The product to be manufactured may be a final product or semi-finished product. The system covers all stages of manufacturing (manufacturing cycle) from issuing operation order to final product cost and delivering to the store, where the system is used in many of the manufacturing processes required to access certain products by merging two or more items to obtain one item, through the selecting quantities of raw items and the amount of item to be manufactured.

Additional Features

  • These processes determine the quantity and cost of a ready-made product and determine the quantity and cost of the raw items. The direct costs and the additional expenses are determined to manufacture a certain quantity of the product.
  • Generate input invoices, output invoices and entries automatically for each manufacturing process performed by the user.
  • Supported by a manufacturing plan aimed to control the production mechanism as prepared by the standards of raw items and documenting the link of each product with its own manufacturing model.
  • The possibility of producing more than one different product within the manufacturing invoice and distinguishing the link of each product with its raw items.
  • Product manufacturing models are taken into account for the fixed and variable costs of the product and can be easily changed.
  • Helps to know the specifications desired by customers and can be directly involved in the specification of designs for different products and has a positive impact in reducing the prices of products.
  • Define an unlimited number of cases that can be described in the production plan with the possibility of knowing the theoretical potential of the manufacture of any product according to the quantities of items in the stores.
  • The required quantities to do the manufacturing process can be compared to the model specified in the production plan card and the quantity existed already in the stores.

Main features of manufacturing system

Accounting Processing

  • Structured linkage with stock inventory by identifying input and output types for manufacturing products.
  • Connect with the accounting system including entries generated by input and output invoices.

Increase productivity

  • Taking less time and provide the market with new products.
  • Greater flexibility and higher responsiveness to market requirements.

Detailed reports manufacturing

  • Reports to show possible manufacturing processes for each model according to the amount of raw items available in stores.
  • Detailed and accurate reports on the actual quantities used in the manufacturing process and the amount of deviation produced in the quantities of raw items.

Costs and Deviations

  • Monitoring the resulting deviations between actual quantities and estimated quantities.
  • Measure the cost of products manufactured by the facility according to specifications specified by the customer.

A quick explanation of the Manufacturing system