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POS System – Digital Horizon

What is POS System?

The POS system in almanara accounting and stores program is designed to make it easy for the user. It has simple and practical interfaces that are characterized by a professional design and accuracy in the display. It includes all the buttons required by the user (sales, return, customer, discount etc.) and it is possible to change the work interface as required, as well as its link to the loyalty system and the ability to print sales invoices and points directly to customers.

Additional Features

  • Support working on a standalone device or on a network and do all the tasks of direct sales shops (shopping malls, clothing stores, restaurants, etc.).
  • Ability to set the default price for each POS.
  • Barcode printing system with label design capability.
  • Close fund when ending the shift.
  • The user can view info of any advance invoice.
  • The possibility of identifying collected items and output raw items, and input the collected item within specific invoices automatically.
  • Support for seasonal discounts for items, special discounts for subscribers’ cards and VIP.
  • Select buttons for departments, groups, and items in full detail with group image and category.
  • Ability to select favorite items in a special toolbar.
  • Allows you to specify unlimited command buttons within the command button card where the command button cards are defined and specified within POS.
  • The possibility of make the receive and pay through POS associated with accounting.

Main features of POS system

Easy to use

  • Speed, accuracy and flexibility at POS interface and serve many customers at the same time.
  • The possibility of changing the price directly in the POS in addition to changing the units and make discounts.

POS Reports

  • Reports and statements of total and detailed accounts on the sales of each station during a specified period.
  • Reports on open and closed orders and details of payment methods per order within the station.

POS devices

  • Connectivity with touch screens, scanners, readers, barcode printers of all kinds, display screens, electronic balance and magnetic cards.
  • Multi-printer support where you can print on more than one printer at the same time, with the ability to specify items for each printer to save time between facility departments.

stores system

  • Full correlation with the accounting and stores system, which contributes to control of financial and stores matters.
  • Detailed and total inventory reports, and accounting reports to determine the accounts receivable

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