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Property Mangment System – Digital Horizon

What is Property Management System?

The Hotel System provides full management of rental operations for guests from the reception of guests to rental contracts. The hotel system is flexible in entering of hotel data and related apartments. It allows the registration of detailed information for each apartment such as area, number of balconies, number of rooms and other information. With the possibility of adding the contents of the apartments and changing the rent rates of rooms at any time and view of detailed reports on the movement of resident guests and the movement of the Fund and other reports, in addition to the illustrated charts of reservations and apartments.

Additional Features

  • Reservation and accommodation of guests and control rooms changing and departure procedures according to the privileges offered by the hotel to its customers, individuals, groups or companies.
  • Speeding up the service of the guest by adjusting the accommodation procedures and the flexibility of the system to deal with various services (rents, restaurant, payments, discounts, …).
  • Linking to POS and restaurant system, which helps to control the hotel clients’ accounts from the guests and agents and to show their statements in detail.
  • There are many options to control the work mechanism of the hotel through the method of pricing and the method of calculation of the tax and various ratios, services and types, currencies.
  • The room layout shows the distribution and types of rooms and the detailed description of the rooms at any moment with access to room data, reservations directly and printing of room conditions.
  • The possibility of determining the starting hours of the day and the end of the day as well as the hour at which the automatic calculation of rent is made.
  • Profile of guests and agents, which provides all basic information about the guest, agents and VIP list as well as a complete record of his / her documents.
  • The possibility of making a booking for any room with a room alert and a reminder message that there is a reservation on behalf of the customer and the date of booking, with the possibility of booking through more than one interface for reservations.

Main features of Property Management system

Archive of guest documents

  • Create complete customer / tenant information cards including name, nationality, date of birth, phone numbers and passport information.
  • An integrated archiving system for documents to save documents electronically and can add an unlimited number of documents to each guest as needed..

Rental Contracts Management

  • Organizing of rental contracts includes detailed information about the rented room and information about the guest with scheduled payments on a regular basis.
  • The possibility of special contracts for groups with the possibility of special discount rates for those groups.

Rooms and Apartments

  • Record detailed info for each apartment such as area, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, balconies, water meter, electricity and telephone number.
  • Connect more than one room together until the collected room is formed, two or more rooms are rented collectively and a single rental contract is made.

Accounting entries

  • Generate accounting entries automatically for all financial transactions and post them to accounts to find out the cost and profit of each room.
  • Total accounting reports or by a certain cost center (ledger, balance sheet, profit and loss, budget)..

A quick explanation of the Property Management System