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Restaurants – Digital Horizon

What is RestaurantsSystem?

The Restaurant system is characterized by the ease and accuracy of the presentation through windows that includes all of what the user needs from command buttons (sales – return – customer – discounts … etc.), with the possibility of changing the interface as required, as well as organizing the work in the restaurant by connecting through (Android) devices between the user and the main server and the ease of sending orders and follow the status of each order in addition to view the reports of all the orders of the restaurant later, and the system of restaurants is characterized by the organizing of lounges and places of tables easily by drawing them in the table layout as it is in fact.

Additional Features

  • A quick list of items allows you to enter a number of items that are added in bulk and perhaps automatically when you open any order, thus speeding up the order process.
  • The possibility of entering a number of items in the list of favorite items, may be the most sold items and therefore a better customer service.
  • Simple, convenient and easy to use interfaces.
  • Multi-printer support where you can print on more than one printer at the same time and specify the items for each printer within the kitchen sections for ease and save time.
  • The ability to make an order through the Android application by sending customers’ orders through using internal network of cashier and for the kitchen automatically.
  • Orders are entered through touch screens, which works on all kinds of monitors and kitchen printers.
  • Provide multiple detailed reports to see the profit and loss result of the restaurant work at any moment.
  • Fully linked with accounting and stores program which facilitates accounting, financial control and budget extraction.
  • The possibility of entering a distinction note for a particular item or group of items prior to execute printing the order to the kitchen.

Main features of Restaurants system

Call Center

  • Possibility to connect with the telephone divider to show the customer’s name and address as well as information about the latest invoice for the order and the most requested items by the connected customer.
  • Call Center aims to facilitate customer service and enhance communication, which contributes processing the customer’s order quickly immediately.

Kitchen menu

  • Ability to control the number of orders to be reviewed, and can display more than one screen at the same time.
  • Ability to review customer orders through the kitchen order list, and also let customers know the status of their orders.


  • The possibility of reserve a table for the customer with a specifying time period and the name of the customer and his data, and view them later through the table reservation screen.
  • Organizing table reservations as well as advanced search options for tables such as displaying available or reserved tables and the status of each table within a certain period of time.

Table layout

  • Organize and view the restaurant as it actually is by drawing a table layout, where each lounge can be reviewed individually with the ability to control the settings of the lounge and table.
  • Adjust the height and width of each table with an adjustment and place it through the number of chairs assigned to each table, with the possibility of identifying the image of each lounge, which makes it easy to get distinct backgrounds.