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Smart Device Applications – Digital Horizon

What is Smart Device Applications?

Almanara has many applications on smart device applications that facilitate the work of companies in various fields and contribute to keep up with modern communication means.

Smartphones Apps


  • It is used to make inventory in a more convenient and flexible manner for all items in the store through camera or manually.
  • The application can add items and display existing ones that have inventory and show their quantities, price and barcode.

Invoice & Entries

  • Contributes to communication easily between the company and its representatives and can track the path of each representative through GPRS and organizing of its routes.
  • It can work within a local internal domain and can work within an external domain if a website is available to import and export the data

Restaurant App

  • It is used to add orders in restaurants in a more convenient, flexible and professional manner, which helps to organize work within the restaurant.
  • The tables are displayed within a layout on the Android device, in addition to the ability to send orders directly and to distinguish the status of the orders.

Orders App

  • It is easy to deal with invoices types within a local-internal domain, which contributes significantly to the work organizing of in a single POS.
  • Easy in communication between android devices to be worked on and the main server including Almanara program and the main POS.

Invoice App

  • Used to send invoices to Almanara software in a specific type that is chosen to add an invoice with the ability to select a specific customer for each invoice.
  • The possibility of adding cash invoices and credit and entering a serial number of the item, where the added invoice take its own type settings automatically..

HR App

  • It is used to send vacations and tasks to be approved with the possibility of displaying reports on tasks, vacations, attendance and absence.
  • Through the application can send complaints and suggestions, in addition to answer the questionnaires and see the news sent to the employee.

Charts App

  • Several charts can be viewed as the receivables – the balance sheet by period – the gross profit plan.
  • It features a simple, flexible and professional presentation of the tool, as well as various charts and accurate data for more than one database at the same time.