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Warehouses – Digital Horizon

What is warehouse System?

The warehouse system is characterized by the possibility of managing the inventory of the warehouse of the establishment, inventory operations and continuous inventory regardless of the size of the facility, and operates according to a smooth and hierarchical mechanism organization from the introduction of the first time until the extraction of an integrated budget, the system also features the possibility of the cost of materials by warehouse , Reports of warehouse inventory, monthly reports of material movement within warehouses, allocation of limits to materials by warehouse, activation within invoices, and ability to control the authority of users through the extension of authority.

Additional Features

  • Complete processing of the validity date through special reports to show the movement and balance of the materials that depend on the movement and inventory on the validity date, with the possibility of work settlement of the increase or decrease.
  • Detailed reports on the profits from sales, with the possibility of knowing the source of profits realized and the materials entered within those invoices with the possibility of showing profit from each article.
  • The possibility of introducing limits to the material by warehouse, showing alert messages when exceeding those limits during the billing process, with the possibility of reviewing reports of materials that exceeded the limit.
  • Complete warehouse inventory management through reports showing total input, output and balance by unit, with inventory review for a specific period of time, or for specific materials and warehouses.
  • Full control of user permissions by adding an unlimited number of users, specifying specific user privileges on one hand, and more accurately controlling permissions.
  • The security system includes the possibility of inserting warranty cards for the serial numbers of the materials, and the warranty options can be controlled by date, by meter or by date and counter and the date of expiry of the warranty is also recorded.
  • Full control of the movement of materials between the main and subsidiary warehouses through the transfer of materials between the warehouses and the processes of input and output.

Main features of warehouse system


  • The organization and inventory of warehouses by tracking the movement of the input and output of materials and their balances with the treatment of showing negative materials and stagnant materials.
  • Keep away from errors resulting from inventory and inventory inventory with the possibility of adjusting the shortfall or increase through the inventory comparison report.

Print Designer

  •  The barcode can be printed by the label designer for a specific material, package or bill material, and the number of labels can be controlled.
  • The presence of FAST Report, which is a tool for printing reports and control in a way that is presented to suit the desire and need of the customer.

Barcode system

  • The system provides the ability to specify a barcode number for each item and each unit and generate barcode for printing.
  • The possibility of assigning an alternative barcode and importing the barcode numbers of the materials within the invoices.


  • The program includes a mechanism to import inventory from an external file with the possibility of direct impact on quantities.
  • Provide a mechanism for inventory settlement and the possibility of reconciling the increase or decrease and reconciliation of the inventory with the actual inventory.