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Work shop – Digital Horizon

What is work shop System?

The work shop system is characterized by the ease and accuracy of the presentation through windows that includes all of what the user needs from command buttons (sales – return – customer – discounts … etc.), with the possibility of changing the interface as required, as well as organizing the work in the restaurant by connecting through (Android) devices between the user and the main server and the ease of sending orders and follow the status of each order in addition to view the reports of all the orders of the restaurant later, and the system of restaurants is characterized by the organizing of lounges and places of tables easily by drawing them in the table layout as it is in fact.

Additional Features

  • The possibility of making deductions and additions to the customer during the issuance of accounting invoices and when closing the fund.
  • It is easy and flexible to use for large and mid-sized companies.
  • There is a clear and detailed chart shows all the repairs and all models defined within the program.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality through repairs menu and services on the reception screen.
  • The program tests the company’s performance by showing productivity reports and profit reports.
  • The possibility of paying the maintenance value in cash or credit with the possibility of using different payment methods.
  • Perform a thorough check of the piece with the possibility to evaluate the piece after the examination and to show their own reports
  • A special window exists to specify the date, start time, date and end time of each technician in the supervision window.
  • Link the item to be repaired with the item card within the program, with the possibility of linking it with a single virtual card to facilitate the work.
  • A list of orders from which all open and closed orders are displayed with details of the department where the order is stopped.

Main features of maintenance workshop management system

Cost control and deviations

  • Finding solutions that help reduce the cost of maintenance for repairs and thus increase workshop’s profits.
  • The ability to control the user’s permissions, which helps to move away from any deviation from the standards and thus reduce the proportion of human errors.

Periodic follow-up of technicians

  • There is a chart for technicians shows the working hours of the technicians within a specific day, shows the repair that is being done by the technician.
  • Monitor the work line of each technician and the actual working hours and the time spent for each repair to measure the actual cost of the repair later.

Archiving Provide an integrated

  • Provide an integrated archive for each piece, shows all the repairs made since the first entry to the workshop.
  • Transfer the archives from one financial year to the next one.

Organizing and flexibility

  • Coordinate the work in the departments according to a specific hierarchy, ensuring high quality performance by the technicians.
  • There is a high level of organizing upon receipt and delivery of any repaired item to the customer.

A quick explanation of the maintenance workshop management system